Shahbaz Ahamad

Shahbaz Ahamad - Bowler

Shahbaz Ahamad

Role: Bowler
DOB: 11 December 1994
Matches: 29


Batting & Fielding

Year Mat No Runs HS Avg BF SR 100 50 4s 6s CT ST
Career 29 4 279 45 18.60 235 118.72 0 0 18 11 13 0
2022 16 3 219 45 27.38 181 120.99 0 0 14 9 8 0
2021 11 0 59 14 8.42 53 111.32 0 0 4 2 4 0
2020 2 1 1 1* 0.00 1 100.00 0 0 0 0 1 0

Bowling Stats

Year Mat Balls Runs WKTS BBM Ave Econ SR 4W 5W
Career 29 330 472 13 3/7 36.31 8.58 25.38 0 0
2022 16 210 336 4 2/26 84.00 9.60 52.50 0 0
2021 11 84 92 7 3/7 13.14 6.57 12.00 0 0
2020 2 36 44 2 2/26 22.00 7.33 18.00 0 0

Shahbaz Ahmed’s Impressive Return to RCB in the 2022 IPL Mega Auction

Shahbaz Ahmed, the talented left-arm spinner, made a remarkable return to the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) during the 2022 IPL Mega Auction. After an intense bidding battle with Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), RCB emerged victorious, securing Shahbaz for an impressive INR 2.4 crore. With his exceptional bowling skills and valuable batting abilities, Shahbaz has participated in 13 IPL matches, boasting an outstanding 3/7 as his best bowling performance.

Shahbaz Ahmed’s journey in the world of cricket began with his debut in the List-A format for Bengal during the 2018-19 Vijay Hazare Trophy season. His consistent performance and dedication to the sport have earned him a reputation as a promising all-rounder. With his return to RCB, fans are eager to see him play bold and make a significant impact in the upcoming IPL season.

Shahbaz Ahmed’s Hat-Trick Heroics in the 2019-20 Ranji Trophy

In the 2019-20 edition of the Ranji Trophy, Shahbaz Ahmed showcased his exceptional skills by registering a hat-trick against Hyderabad. This remarkable achievement further solidified his status as a rising star in the world of cricket. His all-round performance in the Ranji Trophy is a testament to his potential to become a household name in the coming years.

Shahbaz’s hat-trick in the Ranji Trophy not only demonstrated his bowling prowess but also highlighted his ability to contribute significantly with the bat. As an all-rounder, Shahbaz Ahmed has the potential to change the course of a match with both his batting and bowling skills, making him a valuable asset for any team.

Shahbaz Ahmed’s Journey with RCB: From 2020 to Present

Shahbaz Ahmed’s association with the Royal Challengers Bangalore began in the 2020 edition of the IPL. His inclusion in the team added depth to RCB’s bowling attack and provided them with a reliable lower-order batsman. With his return to the team in the 2022 IPL Mega Auction, RCB has once again secured a versatile player who can contribute significantly in various aspects of the game.

As a part of RCB, Shahbaz Ahmed has the opportunity to learn from some of the best players in the world, including the likes of Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers. With their guidance and his own dedication to the sport, Shahbaz has the potential to become a key player for RCB and make a lasting impact in the world of cricket.

Shahbaz Ahmed’s Impact on Cricket Bet Online and IPL Bet Online

Shahbaz Ahmed’s growing popularity and impressive performances have also caught the attention of cricket bet online enthusiasts. As a promising all-rounder, Shahbaz has the potential to influence match outcomes, making him an exciting prospect for those interested in IPL bet online. His return to RCB in the 2022 IPL Mega Auction has further increased his visibility and appeal among cricket bet online fans.

With his exceptional skills and potential for match-winning performances, Shahbaz Ahmed is likely to become a popular choice for those participating in cricket bet online and IPL bet online. As he continues to develop and showcase his talents on the field, Shahbaz’s impact on the world of cricket betting is expected to grow exponentially.

Shahbaz Ahmed: A Promising Future in Indian Cricket

Shahbaz Ahmed’s journey in the world of cricket has been nothing short of impressive. From his debut in the List-A format to his hat-trick heroics in the Ranji Trophy and his association with RCB, Shahbaz has consistently demonstrated his potential as a top-tier all-rounder. With his dedication to the sport and the guidance of experienced players, Shahbaz is well on his way to becoming a household name in Indian cricket.

As Shahbaz Ahmed continues to develop his skills and make a name for himself in the world of cricket, fans and cricket bet online enthusiasts alike can expect to see him play a significant role in the success of his team. With his talent and determination, Shahbaz Ahmed is undoubtedly a rising star to watch in the coming years.