Virat Kohli: India’s Potential Sixth Bowling Option

Unveiled: Virat Kohli as India's 6th Bowling Option?

Following the unfortunate injury of all-rounder Pandya, India has brought in fast bowler Prasidh Krishna as a replacement. Despite this change, it is anticipated that India will maintain the team structure they have been using recently, with Suryakumar Yadav in the sixth position and only five recognized bowlers.

Dravid’s Take on the Team’s Balance

Dravid, while acknowledging the less than ideal team selection, humorously suggested Virat Kohli as a potential sixth bowling option. Kohli, who had previously stepped in to complete Pandya’s over against Bangladesh, could be called upon again. Dravid expressed confidence in Kohli’s ability to deliver a few overs and possibly take a few wickets, especially with the crowd’s support.

Exploring Other Bowling Options

Dravid also mentioned other potential bowling options, including Suryakumar Yadav and Rohit, who have both shown some bowling prowess. He acknowledged that while Hardik’s absence is felt, the team has managed to play the last four games without a sixth bowling option, including a couple of games in the Australia series prior to the World Cup.

Prasidh Krishna’s Inclusion: A Strategic Move

Dravid clarified that Prasidh Krishna’s inclusion in the squad does not necessarily mean a change in the team’s current balance. He explained that Krishna was brought in as a backup for the seam bowlers, given the team’s recent combination of three fast bowlers and two spinners. This decision was made in anticipation of potential illnesses or minor injuries.

India’s Upcoming Match Against South Africa

India’s next match is against South Africa, who have also qualified for the knockout stages. However, Dravid emphasized that the team is not viewing this match as a practice run for the final. Instead, they are treating it as a league game against a strong opponent and are looking forward to the challenge.

Current Status of the Semi-Finals

With New Zealand’s recent loss to Pakistan, South Africa has secured their spot in the semi-finals alongside India. However, the final composition of the top four teams is yet to be determined.