Diwali Eve Marks a Unique CWC23 Celebration at India’s Gateway

Unseen CWC23 Diwali Bash at India's Gateway!

On the eve of Diwali, the ongoing Cricket World Cup 2023 (CWC23) was celebrated in a unique way at the Gateway of India. A two-minute projection showcased some of the most memorable moments from the tournament, accompanied by a spectacular light and sound display.

Highlighting the “It Takes One Day” Campaign

The Men’s Cricket World Cup’s brand campaign, “It Takes One Day”, was brought to life in an unprecedented manner during the projection. This campaign was the focal point of the celebration, highlighting the essence of the World Cup.

The projection was a curated blend of select images from the World Cup’s epic moments and the Navarasa symbols. These symbols, reimagined in a cricketing context, encapsulated the myriad emotions experienced by cricket fans during the thrilling World Cup matches.

Emotive Storytelling Meets Advanced Technology

Featuring 40,000 state-of-the-art lumen projectors, the projection was a powerful amalgamation of cutting-edge technology and emotive storytelling. This made the show an unmissable event for cricket enthusiasts worldwide, celebrating the spirit of the World Cup.

Cricket Legends Celebrate the World Cup

The celebration was also graced by the presence of Sir Viv Richards, the West Indies legend and the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 Ambassador. He expressed his delight at witnessing the celebration.

“As we approach the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup semi-final in Mumbai, it’s wonderful to see the iconic Gateway of India commemorating the World Cup’s epic moments along with the stunning Navarasa symbols. The tournament has offered enthralling cricket, evoking a range of emotions among fans. I eagerly anticipate the excitement the remaining games will bring,” said Richards.