Buttler Eager to Harness New Talent in England’s Bid to Bounce Back from World Cup Setback

Buttler's Hunt for Fresh Talent After England's World Cup Blow

England narrowly secured a spot in the 2025 ICC Champions Trophy, following a seventh-place finish in the Cricket World Cup last month. As they gear up for the Caribbean tour, skipper Buttler is eager to leave the past behind, asserting that the white-ball squad is in a strong position.

Turning a New Leaf After a Single Poor Tournament

“We’ve had just one poor tournament,” Buttler declared on the eve of the first ODI in Antigua. “The squad has been in a strong position for a long time. The emerging talent is impressive, and I’m eager to help shape this new era of white-ball cricket. I feel a sense of responsibility and motivation to restore England’s white-ball cricket to its former glory.”

Learning to Balance Personal Performance and Team Leadership

Buttler emphasized the importance of managing his own performance while leading the team. “It’s crucial for me to find ways to keep a clear mind when I step onto the field. A single tournament doesn’t define us. I’m using it as motivation to push myself and the team forward, and to learn from the experience. I see it as a stepping stone for the rest of my career.”

Handling Disappointments with Maturity and Perspective

Buttler, now a family man, believes he has gained a better perspective on dealing with on-field disappointments. “I’m at a stage in my life where I have a good perspective. My two children don’t really care about the World Cup. Being a father gives me a different focus. I’m a proud man and I do feel disappointment, but life moves on quickly. There’s always something to look forward to. Things are never as bad or as good as they seem.”

Leading a Fresh-Faced Squad in the Caribbean

Buttler will captain a squad that includes only six players from the World Cup touring party for the three ODIs in the Caribbean. “This team has some truly exciting talent,” Buttler said. “The young players are eager for their chance to shine. Some of them may be new to ODI cricket, but they have plenty of experience in Test cricket. It’s a nice mix.”

New Openers Confirmed for First ODI

Buttler confirmed that two of the new players, Phil Salt and Will Jacks, will open the first ODI, though he did not reveal the composition of the bowling attack. The first ODI is scheduled for Sunday, 3 December in North Sound, Antigua.