Unveiling the Most Iconic Moment in ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup History

Unveiled: The Most Iconic Moment in ICC Men's Cricket World Cup History

The quest to identify the most iconic moment in the history of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup started on 14th September. The selection process involved a bracket of 32 unforgettable moments from the tournament’s rich history.

After a fortnight of global voting by cricket enthusiasts, Jonty Rhodes’ spectacular flying run-out of Inzamam-ul-Haq during the 1992 World Cup has been crowned as the most memorable moment in the history of the Men’s Cricket World Cup.

Reliving the Legendary Moment

Jonty Rhodes, a trailblazer in cricket fielding, created his most unforgettable moment on the cricket field during the world’s most prestigious cricket tournament. The historic moment occurred during the group stage of the 1992 World Cup when Pakistan and South Africa clashed, with Pakistan chasing a target of 212 set by the Proteas.

Inzamam, who was steering the game away from South Africa with a score of 48 off 44 balls, mis-hit the ball to point and attempted a single run. However, he was sent back by Pakistan’s captain, Imran Khan, who was at the other end.

Any other fielder might have given Inzamam a chance to return to the crease, but not Jonty Rhodes!

Seizing the moment, the Proteas star displayed remarkable athleticism and quick thinking to run and knock down the stumps while flying parallel to the ground, instead of aiming for a direct hit.

This extraordinary fielding feat altered the game’s trajectory, leading South Africa to a victory by 20 runs.

Victory Against Fierce Competition

This legendary moment triumphed over 31 other memorable instances that have been ingrained in the minds of cricket fans. These included Ben Stokes’ deflection in the 2019 World Cup, Kapil Dev’s running catch in the 1983 Final, and Sachin Tendulkar’s onslaught against Pakistan in 2003, among others.

In the final bracket, Jonty’s run-out was pitted against MS Dhoni’s historic six that clinched the 2011 Final for India. However, Jonty’s gravity-defying fielding effort outshone the former Indian skipper’s heroics.