Unforeseen Fog Halts Top-Ranked India-New Zealand Cricket Match

Shocking Twist: Fog Stops India-New Zealand Cricket Showdown!

Unexpected Foggy Interruption

The evening cricket match between India and New Zealand, held at a northern Indian venue, was momentarily interrupted when a dense fog blanketed the ground. The fog was so thick that the umpires were compelled to pause the game during the 16th over.

Challenging Conditions in Dharamsala

The visibility on the field in Dharamsala had deteriorated to such an extent that the game had to be put on hold. The umpires patiently waited for the conditions to improve before permitting India’s pursuit to resume.

Implications of the Foggy Interruption

If the teams had been unable to return to the field, the points would have been equally distributed. This is because 20 overs of the second innings were yet to be completed.

Resumption of Play

Fortunately, the foggy delay was short-lived. The fog lifted, allowing Virat Kohli and Shreyas Iyer to return to the pitch.

Unique Conditions at Dharamsala

The phrase ‘Fog stops play’ is a rarity in Indian cricket. However, the high-altitude Dharamsala ground presents unique conditions that are significantly different from many other venues in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. The venue, which offers a view of the Himalayas, is situated at an altitude of 1457 metres.

Quick Recovery from the Foggy Interruption

The fog-induced interruption was brief. The fog drifted across the ground and cleared quickly, ensuring no time was lost in the match.