Shami’s Masterclass: The Art of Dismissing Stokes

Shami's Masterclass: Stokes Dismissal Art Unveiled!

At 33, fast bowler Mohammed Shami has proven to be a formidable addition to the Indian cricket team, stepping in for the injured Hardik Pandya. His latest performance, a stunning 4/22 in seven overs, has solidified his position in the team.

Introduced as the first change when England was already two wickets down, Shami set his sights on Ben Stokes. The ensuing duel between the two was a sight to behold, with Stokes eventually falling to Shami’s relentless attack.

Breaking Down Shami’s Strategy Against Stokes in Lucknow


Shami’s first ball to Stokes was a well-placed delivery, which Stokes wisely decided not to engage with.


Stokes attempted to take the offensive, charging at Shami, but a swing away left him swinging at thin air as the ball sailed through to the wicketkeeper.


Shami adjusted his length, beating Stokes’ edge.


A well-placed delivery from Shami struck Stokes on the pads, offering encouragement to the bowler despite no lbw risk.


Shami opened his second over with a beautiful delivery that moved away from Stokes, beating his outside edge.


Stokes’ attempted shot dribbled into the ring for no run, a move that Shami would have taken note of.


A better attempt from Stokes was stopped in the in-field, yielding no run.


The best delivery of the lot, angled into Stokes and then moving away, narrowly missing the edge. Shami later bowled a similar delivery to dismiss Moeen Ali.


Stokes’ frustration was evident as he flicked a full and straight delivery for no run.


Out! Shami capitalized on Stokes’ frustration, delivering a full and straight ball that dismantled Stokes’ stumps.

“India Boasts the Best All-Round Bowling Attack”

Shami’s impressive performance continued as he dismissed Jonny Bairstow, Moeen Ali, and Adil Rashid, effectively dismantling England’s batting lineup alongside Jasprit Bumrah.

Former England captain Michael Atherton praised Shami’s performance, stating that it was exactly what captain Rohit Sharma needed. He commended Shami’s tight line against Stokes, which eventually led to Stokes losing his patience and his wicket.

According to Atherton, India’s bowling attack is the best all-round, with three pacers and two spinners, and a third, Ravi Ashwin, on the bench. He believes that this bowling lineup is formidable in all conditions and will be challenging for any team to score against.

India currently leads the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 standings after six consecutive victories, with matches against Sri Lanka, South Africa, and the Netherlands yet to come.