Rohit Sharma: A ‘Fantastic’ Captain, Says India Coach Dravid

Dravid Declares: Rohit Sharma

India’s coach, Dravid, lauds Rohit Sharma’s leadership, attributing the team’s straightforward victories in several matches to his captaincy. He believes that Sharma’s role has been instrumental in simplifying the game for the team.

Leading by Example

Dravid commends Sharma’s leadership, both on and off the field. He highlights the significant impact of Sharma’s opening performances, which have often set the tone for the rest of the match. He notes that Sharma’s ability to start strong has often made the game appear easier than it actually is.

Sharma’s Impact on the Game

Dravid further emphasizes the importance of Sharma’s innings in shaping the outcome of the game. He explains that Sharma’s performances have often made the game seem effortless, which has been a significant advantage for the team.

Driving the Team’s Attacking Intent

Dravid credits Sharma’s performances as being central to the team’s aggressive approach in white-ball cricket. He believes that Sharma’s leadership has been instrumental in getting the entire team to align with the team’s strategic direction.

Sharma’s Successful Captaincy

Dravid praises Sharma’s captaincy, stating that it has been excellent for a long time. He adds that Sharma has earned the respect of both the team and the coaching staff, and it has been a pleasure to watch him lead both on and off the field.

Adapting to Different Game Scenarios

Dravid notes that the team has been successful in both batting first and chasing runs. He believes that the team is comfortable with either scenario and will support whatever decision Sharma makes during the toss at the upcoming match at the Wankhede Stadium against New Zealand.