Prasidh Krishna

Prasidh Krishna - Bowler

Prasidh Krishna

Role: Bowler
DOB: 19 February 1996
Matches: 51


Batting & Fielding

Year Mat No Runs HS Avg BF SR 100 50 4s 6s CT ST
Career 51 7 9 4* 3.00 24 37.50 0 0 0 0 9 0
2022 17 2 6 4* 6.00 12 50.00 0 0 0 0 2 0
2021 10 1 0 0* 0.00 1 0.00 0 0 0 0 3 0
2020 6 2 2 2* 0.00 4 50.00 0 0 0 0 1 0
2019 11 0 0 0* 0.00 2 0.00 0 0 0 0 2 0
2018 7 2 1 1* 0.00 5 20.00 0 0 0 0 1 0

Bowling Stats

Year Mat Balls Runs WKTS BBM Ave Econ SR 4W 5W
Career 51 1145 1703 49 4/30 34.76 8.92 23.37 1 0
2022 17 399 551 19 3/22 29.00 8.29 21.00 0 0
2021 10 231 351 12 3/30 29.25 9.11 19.25 0 0
2020 6 105 164 4 3/29 41.00 9.37 26.25 0 0
2019 11 242 377 4 1/22 94.25 9.34 60.50 0 0
2018 7 168 260 10 4/30 26.00 9.28 16.80 1 0

The Rajasthan Royals’ Record-Breaking Investment in Prasidh Krishna

The Rajasthan Royals went all out to secure the talents of Indian fast bowler Prasidh Krishna, spending an astounding INR 10 crore in the process. This investment makes him their most expensive acquisition for the season. With a base price of INR 1 crore, Prasidh attracted attention from new IPL teams Lucknow and Gujarat, who were eager to bolster their bowling lineups with his skills.

Prasidh’s journey in the Indian Premier League (IPL) began in 2018 when he made his debut for the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). In his first season, he played in seven matches and took 10 wickets, including an impressive 4-wicket haul. Despite a less remarkable 2019 season, where he claimed only four wickets in 11 games, his raw pace and ability to take wickets caught the eye of national selectors, leading to an ODI call-up in 2021.

Prasidh Krishna’s Impact on KKR’s Pace Battery in IPL 14

As a key component of KKR’s pace attack, Prasidh Krishna played a crucial role in the 14th edition of the IPL. In 10 games, he managed to take 12 wickets, showcasing his wicket-taking prowess and solidifying his position as a valuable asset to the team. His performances in the IPL have not only earned him recognition but also helped him secure a spot in the Indian cricket team.

Cricket enthusiasts and those who participate in cricket bet online or ipl bet online have taken notice of Prasidh’s potential, making him a popular choice for wagers and fantasy cricket teams. With his consistent performances and growing reputation, it’s no surprise that the Rajasthan Royals were willing to invest heavily in this promising talent.

Prasidh Krishna’s Journey from Karnataka to the Indian National Team

Prasidh Krishna’s rise to prominence in the world of cricket began in his home state of Karnataka. His impressive performances in domestic cricket paved the way for his entry into the IPL and eventually, the Indian national team. His ODI debut in 2021 marked a significant milestone in his career, as he showcased his skills on the international stage.

His journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring cricketers, proving that hard work, dedication, and consistent performances can lead to opportunities at the highest level of the sport. As Prasidh continues to develop and refine his skills, fans and cricket bet online enthusiasts can expect to see even more impressive performances from this rising star.

What the Future Holds for Prasidh Krishna

With his raw pace, wicket-taking abilities, and growing experience in both domestic and international cricket, Prasidh Krishna is undoubtedly a player to watch in the coming years. His recent performances in the IPL and for the Indian national team have demonstrated his potential to become one of the leading fast bowlers in the world.

As he continues to hone his skills and gain valuable experience, Prasidh is likely to become an even more integral part of the Rajasthan Royals and the Indian cricket team. For fans and those who enjoy cricket bet online or ipl bet online, Prasidh Krishna is a name to remember, as his performances are sure to impact the outcomes of matches and the fortunes of his teams.

Conclusion: Prasidh Krishna – A Name to Remember in Indian Cricket

Prasidh Krishna’s meteoric rise in the world of cricket is a testament to his talent, hard work, and dedication. From his beginnings in Karnataka to his record-breaking investment by the Rajasthan Royals and his debut for the Indian national team, Prasidh has proven that he has what it takes to succeed at the highest level of the sport.

As he continues to develop and make a name for himself in the world of cricket, fans, and cricket bet online enthusiasts alike can look forward to witnessing the growth and success of this promising talent. Prasidh Krishna is undoubtedly a name to remember in Indian cricket, and his future looks brighter than ever.