Kuldeep’s Newfound Focus and Maturity Shines at the World Cup

Kuldeep's World Cup Triumph: Maturity & Focus Unleashed!

In a recent episode of The ICC Review podcast, Indian cricketer Kuldeep Yadav shared his journey of personal growth and maturity since his World Cup debut in 2019.

Surpassing Previous World Cup Performance

During his first World Cup, Kuldeep claimed six wickets in seven games. This year, he has already surpassed that record, taking eight wickets in India’s undefeated streak of five matches as the tournament’s host nation.

Maintaining Strong Form Post Asia Cup

Coming off a high from winning the Player of the Tournament award at the Asia Cup, Kuldeep has continued to showcase his strong form. He has taken at least one wicket in each of India’s first five World Cup games.

New Approach and Lifestyle Changes Boost Confidence

Kuldeep attributes his impressive form to a new approach at the bowling crease and a more relaxed lifestyle off the pitch. These changes have boosted his confidence, making him one of the first players selected in India’s first-choice ODI XI.

“I’m not overthinking,” Kuldeep shared on The ICC Review podcast. “I focus on improving my bowling and concentrate on the skills that I can control.”

From Idolising Wasim Akram to Emulating Shane Warne

Kuldeep, who grew up as a pacer and idolised Pakistan’s Wasim Akram, transitioned into a spinner on his coach’s advice to emulate Australian legend Shane Warne.

Warne, who passed away last year, often provided Kuldeep with valuable advice on spin bowling. Kuldeep continues to watch old videos of Warne for inspiration and guidance.

“If I have any doubts about my bowling, I look at his old action,” Kuldeep said. “I feel fortunate to have spent time with him and to have been his friend.”

He added, “I learnt my bowling from him and he is the person I have followed forever.”