Jason Holder

Jason Holder - All-rounder

Jason Holder

Role: All-rounder
DOB: 05 November 1991
Matches: 38


Batting & Fielding

Year Mat No Runs HS Avg BF SR 100 50 4s 6s CT ST
Career 38 5 247 47* 13.00 200 123.50 0 0 13 17 11 0
2022 12 2 58 16 9.67 44 131.82 0 0 2 6 4 0
2021 8 1 85 47* 14.16 72 118.05 0 0 2 6 2 0
2020 7 2 66 26* 33.00 53 124.52 0 0 5 3 0 0
2016 4 0 22 13 5.50 19 115.78 0 0 2 1 0 0
2014 1 0 16 16 16.00 12 133.33 0 0 2 1 2 0
2013 6 0 0 0 0.00 0 0.00 0 0 0 0 3 0

Bowling Stats

Year Mat Balls Runs WKTS BBM Ave Econ SR 4W 5W
Career 38 824 1177 49 4/52 24.02 8.57 16.82 1 0
2022 12 249 391 14 3/31 27.93 9.42 17.79 0 0
2021 8 191 247 16 4/52 15.43 7.75 11.93 1 0
2020 7 168 233 14 3/25 16.64 8.32 12.00 0 0
2016 4 78 103 2 2/33 51.50 7.92 39.00 0 0
2014 1 18 35 1 1/35 35.00 11.66 18.00 0 0
2013 6 120 168 2 2/20 84.00 8.40 60.00 0 0

From Humble Beginnings to International Stardom

Jason Holder, the talented all-rounder from Barbados, has become a household name in the world of cricket. His journey from a young cricket enthusiast to an international superstar is nothing short of inspiring. Holder’s passion for the sport began at a tender age, and he quickly rose through the ranks, making a name for himself in the cricketing world.

Holder’s exceptional skills as a fast bowler and a reliable batsman have earned him a place in the hearts of cricket fans worldwide. His dedication and hard work have paid off, as he now captains the West Indies Test and One-Day International (ODI) teams. Holder’s rise to fame is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the sport and his determination to succeed.

Jason Holder’s Remarkable Achievements in Cricket

Holder’s career is filled with numerous milestones and achievements that have cemented his status as a cricketing legend. Some of his most notable accomplishments include leading the West Indies to victory in the 2016 ICC World Twenty20, becoming the youngest-ever West Indian Test captain, and being ranked as the world’s top all-rounder in Test cricket.

Holder’s impressive performances have not gone unnoticed, as he has received several awards and accolades for his contributions to the sport. These include the prestigious Wisden Cricketer of the Year award and the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy for ICC Cricketer of the Year. Holder’s remarkable achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring cricketers and a testament to his immense talent.

Holder’s Impact on the West Indies Cricket Team

Jason Holder’s leadership has had a profound impact on the West Indies cricket team. Under his captaincy, the team has seen a resurgence in their performance, particularly in Test cricket. Holder’s tactical acumen and ability to inspire his teammates have played a crucial role in the team’s recent successes.

Holder’s influence extends beyond the field, as he is also an advocate for the development of cricket in the Caribbean. He has been vocal about the need for better facilities and infrastructure to nurture young talent and ensure the future success of West Indies cricket. Holder’s passion for the sport and his commitment to its growth in the region have made him a true ambassador for cricket in the Caribbean.

Jason Holder’s Popularity in the Indian Premier League (IPL)

Holder’s exceptional skills and charismatic personality have made him a sought-after player in the lucrative Indian Premier League (IPL). He has represented various franchises, including the Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, and Sunrisers Hyderabad. Holder’s performances in the IPL have not only earned him a legion of fans in India but also increased his market value as a T20 cricketer.

Holder’s success in the IPL has also made him a popular choice for cricket bet online enthusiasts. His all-round abilities make him a valuable asset for any team, and fans often place their ipl bet online on his performances. Holder’s popularity in the IPL is a testament to his versatility as a cricketer and his ability to adapt to different formats of the game.

Holder’s Role in Promoting Cricket Bet Online

As a prominent figure in the world of cricket, Jason Holder has played a significant role in promoting cricket bet online. His popularity and success on the field have attracted fans to place bets on his performances and the outcomes of the matches he plays in. This has led to a surge in interest in cricket betting, particularly during high-profile tournaments like the IPL and international Test series.

Holder’s influence on cricket bet online has not only benefited the betting industry but also helped in increasing the overall viewership and fan engagement in the sport. Fans who place bets on cricket matches are more likely to follow the games closely, leading to higher television ratings and increased revenue for the sport.

Jason Holder: A Role Model for Aspiring Cricketers

Jason Holder’s journey from a young cricket enthusiast to an international superstar serves as an inspiration for aspiring cricketers around the world. His dedication, hard work, and passion for the sport have propelled him to the pinnacle of success, making him a role model for those who dream of following in his footsteps.

Holder’s achievements on the field and his commitment to the development of cricket in the Caribbean have earned him the respect and admiration of fans and fellow cricketers alike. His legacy as a cricketing legend and a true ambassador for the sport will undoubtedly continue to inspire future generations of cricketers.