India’s Bowling Arsenal: A Deep Dive into their World Cup Performance

Unveiled: India's Bowling Arsenal's World Cup Secrets!

India’s Bowling Prowess in the World Cup

India’s impressive run in the Cricket World Cup can be largely attributed to the exceptional performance of their bowlers. Standout performances include Jasprit Bumrah with 17 wickets at an average of 15.64, Mohammed Siraj with 12 wickets at 28.83, Mohammed Shami with 16 wickets at 9.56, Ravindra Jadeja with 16 wickets at 18.25, and Kuldeep Yadav with 14 wickets at 22.28. Their ability to excel across varying conditions has made them a formidable force.

Mhambrey’s Take on India’s Bowling Strength

In an interview with ICC, bowling coach Mhambrey expressed his confidence in the team’s ability to adapt to different conditions. He highlighted that India is the only team to have played in nine different venues, each presenting a unique challenge. He praised the bowlers for their ability to exploit these varying conditions and their potential to win games single-handedly.

Unique Skills of India’s Bowlers

Mhambrey also discussed the unique skills that each bowler brings to the team. He praised Bumrah’s unique action and his ability to deliver both in-swing and out-swing balls, making him a lethal weapon for the team. Shami’s exceptional seam position, according to Mhambrey, keeps the batsman guessing and his accuracy in hitting the seam is unparalleled.

Emerging Talent and Veteran Spinners

Mhambrey was impressed with Siraj’s growth over the last couple of years and his ability to incorporate new skills into his bowling. He also lauded the contributions of Jadeja, whose pinpoint accuracy has been a significant asset to the team. Kuldeep’s technical adjustments and increased spin speed were also highlighted as key factors in his successful comeback to the team.

Inspiration from Ashwin

Despite featuring in only one game so far, Ravichandran Ashwin has been a source of inspiration for the other bowlers. Mhambrey praised Ashwin’s attitude and his willingness to guide the younger players, calling him one of the greatest match-winners the country has produced.

A Complete Bowling Setup

For Mhambrey, the current bowling setup is complete, with each bowler bringing a unique skill set to the table. He expressed satisfaction with the team’s performance and looks forward to their continued success.