Hardik Pandya Undergoes Scans Following Ankle Injury in Bangladesh Match

Shocking! Hardik Pandya's Ankle Injury: What's Next?

During an intense cricket match against Bangladesh, Hardik Pandya suffered an ankle injury while attempting to field the ball. The incident occurred during his follow-through, causing him to collapse on the field, clutching his ankle in pain. As a result, he was unable to finish the over.

Pandya’s Injury Leads to Medical Evaluation

Following the incident, the Indian cricket team management promptly issued a statement. They confirmed that Pandya was immediately taken for medical scans. The statement also clarified that he would not be returning to the field for the remainder of Bangladesh’s innings.

The statement read, “Hardik Pandya’s injury is currently being assessed, and he is undergoing scans.”

Virat Kohli Steps in to Complete the Over

With Pandya’s sudden exit from the field due to the injury, the responsibility fell on the shoulders of former captain Virat Kohli. Demonstrating his leadership skills and versatility, Kohli stepped up to the challenge and bowled the final three deliveries of the over.