Cricket World Cup 2023: The Battle for Semi-Final Spots

Cricket World Cup 2023: Who Will Clinch the Semi-Final Spots?

The fight for a place in the semi-finals of the 2023 Cricket World Cup is heating up, with all but one team still in the running. The semi-final spots are yet to be confirmed, making the competition more intense.


India, with their six consecutive wins, is in a strong position to secure a semi-final berth. Bangladesh is the only team that has been ruled out so far.

South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia, along with host nation India, currently occupy the crucial top four positions. However, with 14 group stage matches remaining, the semi-final spots are still up for grabs.

Here’s a look at what each team needs to do, and the results they need to go their way, to secure a place in the top four and advance to the knockout stage:

1. India’s Road to the Semi-Finals

Wins: 6Losses: 0Net run rate: +1.405Upcoming matches: Sri Lanka (2 November), South Africa (5 November), Netherlands (12 November)

India’s Path to Qualification:

2. South Africa’s Semi-Final Quest

Wins: 5Losses: 1Net run rate: +2.032Upcoming matches: New Zealand (1 November), India (5 November), Afghanistan (10 November)

South Africa’s Path to Qualification:

3. New Zealand’s Semi-Final Journey

Wins: 4Losses: 2Net run rate: +1.232Upcoming matches: South Africa (1 November), Pakistan (4 November), Sri Lanka (9 November)

New Zealand’s Path to Qualification:

4. Australia’s Semi-Final Aspirations

Wins: 4Losses: 2Net run rate: +0.970Upcoming matches: England (4 November), Afghanistan (7 November), Bangladesh (11 November)

Australia’s Path to Qualification:

5. Pakistan’s Semi-Final Hopes

Wins: 3Losses: 4Net run rate: -0.024Upcoming matches: New Zealand (4 November), England (11 November)

Pakistan’s Path to Qualification:

6. Afghanistan’s Semi-Final Ambitions

Wins: 3Losses: 3Net run rate: -0.718Upcoming matches: Netherlands (3 November), Australia (7 November), South Africa (10 November)

Afghanistan’s Path to Qualification:

7. Sri Lanka’s Semi-Final Pursuit

Wins: 2Losses: 4Net run rate: -0.275Upcoming matches: India (2 November), Bangladesh (6 November), New Zealand (9 November)

Sri Lanka’s Path to Qualification:

8. Netherlands’ Semi-Final Endeavour

Wins: 2Losses: 4Net run rate: -1.277Upcoming matches: Afghanistan (3 November), England (8 November), India (12 November)

Netherlands’ Path to Qualification:

9. Bangladesh’s Semi-Final Dream

Wins: 1Losses: 6Net run rate: -1.446Upcoming matches: Sri Lanka (6 November), Australia (11 November)

Bangladesh’s Path to Qualification:

10. England’s Semi-Final Challenge

Wins: 1Losses: 5Net run rate: -1.652Upcoming matches: Australia (4 November), Netherlands (8 November), Pakistan (11 November)

England’s Path to Qualification: